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Why Are Our Car Sun Shades The Best?

UV Protection For Baby | Car Window Shades | Baby Car Shades

UV Protection For Baby

Our car window shades block sunlight & UV effectively. Don’t be fooled by mesh material testing reports for UV protection efficiency.

Unlike window tint, it is an optical UV blocking method. Mesh window shade is a physical blocking method to block lights & UV. Higher density mesh blocks more light & UV.  It is that simple.

However, dense mesh cloth blocks your blind spot driving vision too.

Our car shades are made with optimal density mesh cloth, blocks UV & light efficiently without blocking your driving vision.

UV Protection For Baby | Car Window Shades | Baby Car Shades

No Interference To Window Operation

After fitting our car window shades, you can still wind your car windows up and down without interference. 

Besides, when your tinted window is down for fresh air, window tint is no longer to block UV and sunlight for your baby.

With our car shades installed, your baby & kids are well protected whether your car windows are closed or opened.

Furthermore, our sunshades serve as insect blockers too, prevent annoying flies & mosquitos from directly getting into the car interior.

UV Protection For Baby | Car Window Shades | Baby Car Shades

Custom Fit, Magnetic Snap-On

All car window shades are made to fit a particular vehicle model. There are built-in magnet pieces along with the car shade memory wireframe that will snap onto the metal window frame. 

For vehicles with vinyl trims on the window frames, self-adhesive mounting tags are supplied.

For the installation process, please visit Car Shade Installation Guide to find out how to fit our magnetic car sun shades on your car.

In many cases, mounting accessories are not required even they are supplied. Use them only as needed. 

Easy To FIT, Unbelievable