RVSUNSHADES® Installation Instruction

We advise you to complete reading this installation instruction before starting to put your car shades on, if your car model requires mounting bases.

RVSUNSHADES® Car Window Sun Shades has memory wire frame with magnets built-in. They are very easy to be located. For vehicle models with window frame metal exposed, just place our car shades on the window frame. Car Shades will snap itself onto metal window frame.

For vehicles with vinyl finishing, self-adhesive mounting points are required. Following are procedures to install RVSUNSHADES®.

Putting RVSUNSHADES® magnetic car shades on is straightforward. If there is question and uncertainty of installing car shades, please do contact us and let us guide you through.


Window frames are different between models. For models require self adhesive mounting bases, a set is included with sun shade set. This installation instruction uses a model with a window frame metal surface covered by vinyl.

Step 1 - Locate magnets and test positioning


The magnet pieces in the wire frame are very easy to be identified without even touching them. You will find magnets on the top frame and bottom frame.

Before attaching mounting base on to vehicle, test positioning by placing sun shade onto window, verify if sun shades you received are correct for your car model before starting to fit mounting bases.

Step 2 - Attach mounting base to sun shades


Mounting base has a metal piece on top section and self-adhesive strip on bottom. With mounting base metal piece facing sun shade magnet, mounting base will snap on to sun shade when mounting base is placed close to sun shade magnet.

At this stage, do not peel backing plastic of self-adhesive strip yet.

Step 3 - Final confirmation of sun shade positioning


Before adhere mounting base onto car window, position sun shade again to confirm if mounting base has sufficient surface to apply self-adhesive strip on.

Step 4 - Adhering mounting bases onto vinyl finishing


When you have determined the mounting base spots, adhere mounting base ONE BY ONE.

Peel off self adhesive strip backing plastic film of #1 mounting base, and leave mounting base magnet on sun shade, place sunshade on its position, then press the mounting base to anchor it on its designated spot.

After mounting the first base, peel off backing film of the next base and repeat the process when you adhere the first base.

We suggest to adhere bottom mounting bases first because bottom mounting bases are adhered on upward surface, which is not flexible to adjust position. Top mounting bases are easy to set after bottom mounting bases are adhered.



Reserve a gap of 1cm from window glass will ensure car shade not interfering window winding up and down.